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My Story

I am Richandra Nickerson-Ukpong, the founder and owner of Fervent Designs, LLC.  I am a native Houstonian and a proud Texan.  As a devoted wife, mother, daughter, and sister,  I especially enjoy spending time with my husband, hanging out with my huge family, and spoiling my two beautiful daughters.  As a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and board member for Tailored Hearts Non-Profit Organization, I spend lots of time giving back to the community.  I am a people person who enjoys helping others. 


After graduating with honors in Psychology and English at the University of Houston, I spent over 10 years in a fulfilling career managing corporate training, communications, and events for several global oil and gas companies.  Now, I have chosen to devote the next chapter of my life to planning and designing weddings and social events. This business allows me to to use my talents, interests, and expertise to make our clients' events unique and memorable.  


Weddings, birthdays, showers, and the like, are celebrations that mark life's major milestones. Planning these events can be stressful, overwhelming, and quite time-consuming.  Many people are not aware of the resources, time, and logistics that go into carrying out beautiful, safe events. But, I am!  I help take the stress out of planning and design so that the bride, host, and/or guest(s) of honor can relax and enjoy the occasion. I get pure joy out of serving and making people happy. The the Fervent Designs team and I would be honored to serve you!

About Us

Our Story

I dreamt of my wedding day since I was a little girl.  Needless to say, before I met my Mr. Right, I had all the details in order. When that time finally came, reality set in.  Unfortunately, I could not get my vision on my budget. Therefore, Plan B was quickly implemented: DIY (Do It Yourself).  I was the epitome of the DIY Bride.  I designed nearly every element of my wedding. At the time, my sorority sister had her own event planning company, so I hired her as my Day of Wedding Coordinator, especially to ensure that everything went as planned on my big day. That was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  Thanks to my fabulous Day of Wedding Coordinator, my wedding turned out phenomenal!   


The week after the wedding, my coordinator gave me a compliment that sparked the seed for Fervent Designs, LLC. She said I was one of the most organized and creative brides she had ever serviced and that I had made her job easy. As a Training & Communications Specialist, planning and executing large scale corporate events and programs had been my day job for years. Of course, I had the coordination and organization part down.  I had always hosted my family's celebrations, such as baby and bridal showers.  But, until that moment, I had not considered planning weddings and social events. 


Shortly after my nuptials, my friends and family began inquiring about the vendors who provided the various elements of my wedding. When I told them I had designed it myself, they were amazed and shocked.  From that point on, my loved ones demanded that I plan and decorate their events. Then, the word spread.  Before long, I was spending my free time and weekends coordinating events.  Surprisingly, I absolutely loved it!  A few of my early customers insisted that I make a business out of it.  After hearing it more times than I could count, I thought, "Hmm.  Maybe they are on to something here..."  A few years later, after lots of preparation, planning, and of course, prayers,  Fervent Designs was born!


Our Name

"Fervent" is an adjective that means "having or displaying a passionate intensity".  Synonyms include passionate, intense, vehement, ardent, lively, sincere, and fervid.  "Fervent" is a nickname that was given to me in college by my sorority sisters.  It describes my work ethic and the sincerity and enthusiasm I display when I truly care about a cause, person, concept, goal, or idea.  If I love or care about something, I give it my all, and I aim to do it right! "Fervent" was so fitting, so I had to incorporate it into my business name.


Why Choose Us

The name says it all.  We are FERVENT about your DESIGNS! Each event receives an abundance of intense professional care, thought, and effort.  I love people, planning, organizing, and creating custom designs.  And I love LOVE, so weddings and babies are my knack. Custom, unique themed designs are our specialty. You will not see any cookie-cutter work here, and many of our designs are hand-made.  

The consultants and vendors who work with Fervent Designs share this passion for unique designs coupled with excellence, professionalism, and personalization.  We will work together to make your event a success. Every detail will be tailored to your needs, theme, and taste.  And, we always strive to stay within budget. Whatever we do, we do it FERVENTLY!


Fervent Designs, LLC takes our customer's visions and turn them into reality.  Some customers admit that we even surpassed their expectations by adding elements to their designs that they never imagined.  We hope to provide you with this same level of service, dedication, creativity, and satisfaction.


This business was created because I wanted to do something that I enjoy, I excel at, and that has a lasting impact on people's lives. Designs and events are my passion, and my customers are like my family.  Join my family, and let Fervent Designs coordinate your celebration.  All you will need to do is enjoy yourself, and make more precious memories.  Let us bless you.

- Richandra


Email: info@FerventDesigns.com         Phone: 281-786-4627      Website: www.FerventDesigns.com  

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