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Fervent Designs Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Fervent Designs?

We are THE ONE-STOP SHOP for weddings and events! That means our team provides many event related services such as planning, design, photography, DJ, and more. Choose as much or as little as you wish. You sign one contract and pay only one retainer.* We plan with your needs, vision, and budget in mind.

*Some exclusions apply.

I'm getting married.  Do I need a Wedding Planner, Wedding Coordinator, or both?

Good question that many don’t understand! It all depends on how much help you want, need and can afford and when you want services to start. Everyone is different, and no two weddings are alike.

A PLANNER will help you plan your wedding and make the process easier by walking you through the entire planning process, going into depth about every detail, and providing professional insight, especially on the hard stuff. At Fervent Designs, from the moment you book with us, the planner will wear many hats. She is your advocate, your mediator, your negotiator, your designer, your confidant, and your voice of reason. The planner can assist you with the entire wedding planning process- from choosing your dream venue, to making sure the florist provides top quality flowers to meet your expectations, to planning the menu, to calling the shots on your big day. Together, you will have monthly meetings and will access the planning system, your Fervent Designs team will be by your side in every step of your wedding journey. We will guide you and lead you in the right direction to keep you organized, sane, and ensure that you do not break the bank. If you want lots of hand holding, planning is for you. The earlier you book, the more help you will get.

A COORDINATOR is a bit different. Coordination is our most cost-effective option. With coordination, you plan your own wedding, and a professional wedding coordinator steps in at the end to execute what you planned. At Fervent Designs, our coordination services begin 1 month before your wedding date. This will allow the coordinator to help ensure that all preparations for your wedding are solid and ready. It will includes to do lists which counts down your wedding day to ensure that no detail is left out. A custom itinerary that includes EVERY single detail of your will be created and shared with all of the vendors that will be finalized for details on the wedding day. The coordinator will take what you have planned so far and perfect everything to your standards.

At Fervent Designs, coordination services are included in wedding planning and partial planning. However, planning services are not included in coordination. If your budget is tight and/or only need help at the end, then, coordination may be perfect. If you want a mix of both plannign and coordination, then partial planning is probably what you need.

We have options for every budget and can always create something custom for you. We can discuss what is best for your situation in a consultation. After you book planning or coordination, you may add on any other service you wish.

Is a Venue Coordinator the same as a Wedding Coordinator?

NO! THEY ARE NOT THE SAME, but many people confuse the two! Most venues offer coordinators to assist you with your wedding. You may call them what you wish, BUT THEY do not provide the same services as a true wedding coordinator. They are DEFINITELY NOT the same as a Fervent Designs Wedding Coordinator. Venue coordinators report to the venue (hall, resort, hotel, church, restaurant...). Their job is to make sure the venue provides you and all of their clients with the services you contracted them for. They will be there to make sure the venue is accessible, to ensure the food is served (if that is under their remit), to regulate the room temperature, to control the lighting, to ensure the location's safety procedures are being followed, and to make sure that you comply to your contract. Many venues have several events on each particular date, so they may be splitting their time between your event, their day to day duties, and your WEDDING.

In a perfect world, your wedding coordinator and the venue coordinator should collaborate to make your day go off without a hitch. But, your wedding coordinator will be there for weeks to cater to YOU. The Fervent Designs Wedding Coordinator works for YOU and with you! We can and will gladly assist with take care of the items the venue coordinator does (if they are not present or of they go missing), but our main role is to cater to the couple. At Fervent Designs, our couples are our first priority! In the weeks leading up to your wedding, our coordinators work hard to get to know you and understand your vision for your special day. They create the wedding weekend timeline and provide instructions and details to the wedding party guests, and your entire team of vendors, including the venue (and the venue coordinator). We do the legwork. Therefore, when your big day comes, your wedding coordinator is there to execute your vision, to field questions, to manage things behind the scenes so that you can relax, get married, and enjoy your party.

A true wedding coordinator should be your advocate, managing everything and everyone to ensure that you get what YOU want. No only does the coordinator work with you to create your wedding timeline, but on your wedding day, we manage the timeline, and hold everyone accountable to be sure that we follow the plan. He or she will put out any fires that may arise. On your big day, you should be pampered and catered to. A coordinator ensures that that happens. Clearly, this level of preparation takes more than a DAY. So no, Fervent Designs does not do DAY-OF Coordination.

How do I know if Fervent Designs is the right fit for me?

Schedule a chat! We offer free consultations for potential clients. Check out our social media. Also, read about us through our website and look through our work. We are here for you as a friend and mentor during your wedding journey. You can also see what past clients have said about us through our reviews found at these trusted wedding planning websites such as The Knot and Wedding Wire. We are a faith-based company who plans weddings for real people - with passion and love. We are personalized, convenient, and budget- friendly. We pride our selves on our relatinships and relatability. We are looking to work with couples who appreciate in the values we embody. We believe that weddings should showcase the love of our couples, so we will remind you that there is LIFE AFTER the WEDDING. We care about your MARRIAGE,not just your wedding day. Our clients are our family! We want what is best for you. And that varies from couple to couple. Fervent Designs is the one-stop shop that is passionate about personalizing your party. Passion is our name, and we are fueled by faith. All of the members of our team strive for excellence. We work well together, and we also have a great network of creative partners. We work hard, long hours, so when we get the chance, we enjoy ourselves. We make memories and build relationships. Our team is made up of hard working people who are mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, children from all walks of life. We are a family, and all of our clients join our family. We support our families using our God-given talents. And, our services are highly-sought after because we are good at what we do. We practice what we preach. We are experts at our crafts who are leaders who are not afraid to try new things. Every day, we learn and grow. Weddings and events are our creative outlets that allow us to push one another and test ourselves. We understand that to whom much is given, much is expected, so we strive to be a blessing to others. Want to know more, ask us in your one-on-one consultation! Fervent Designs is the real deal!!! If you are looking for the real deal, choose us!

Will you take over my wedding?

Only if you let us... This is your wedding, not ours. We are your guides, your partners. Every event we do is different. Every couple is unique. And our planning style is different by design. At Fervent Designs, our goal is to help you bring YOUR VISION into reality. Give us the vision, and trust us. We will help you help yourself. We are here to help you - as much or as little as you desire. All of our weddings are different because all of our couples have different visions. We take pride in showcasing your love and telling your story. No, we will not take over- unless that is your request. You can be as involved and as hands on as you wish. We will work within your comfort zone and plan your day, YOUR way utilizing our professional support, processes, resources and expertise.

If I don’t live in Houston, can I still work with you?

Although we love our home town couples, that doesn’t mean we walk away from everyone else! We welcome couples from out of town and we’re open to travel wherever you wish to take us. DESTINATION WEDDINGS give us opportunities to travel the world, learn new cultures and venues, and learn! And we LOVE BEACHES.

No matter where you are located, we can work with you. We have many military couples, out of town couples, and we specialize in destination weddings.

Efficiency and virtual processes are key to our business. For your convenience, we utilize cloud-based professional event planning software, a virtual teleconference system, VoIP phone sysems, and electronic payment processing tools. We are green and quite mobile, so technology under-girds all of our processes.

Is it too early or too late to hire a Wedding Planner?

There no set time for when you should hire a wedding planner or coordinator! All clients have hired us at different times in the past based on their needs and budget. It is NEVER TOO LATE or TOO EARLY to get help with your wedding! But, generally, the earlier we start the more time, frustration and money you will save. Also, some dates and seasons fill up very quickly, so if you want Fervent Designs to be a part of your wedding or event, book your date ASAP without delay.

There are always exceptions, but here are general guidelines (subject to availability of course):

Full Wedding Planning: To be effective, we recommend that those who desire full wedding planning to book no less than 6 months in advance of their wedding date.

Partial Wedding Planning: Partial Planning can be booked up to 3 months away from your wedding date.

Wedding Coordination: Coordination can be booked up to one month away from your date (subject to availability).

Do you only plan weddings?

Although our specialty is weddings, we also plan OTHER EVENTS such as birthday parties, baby showers, graduation parties, networking events, charity events, and many more. Believe it or not, we started out planning smaller social events before we moved into weddings. Also, our founder and lead planner managed training and corporate events for over a decade before creatign Fervent Designs; needless to say, we can plan ANYTHING. Need our help with an event, just schedule a consultation.

How do I book with Fervent Designs?

1. Book a consultation. 2. Conduct a consultation and specify your needs. If we are a fit, you may request a proposal at your consultation. 3. Sign the proposal electronically. (After the proposal is signed, you will receive the contract.) 4. Sign the contract electronically. (After the contract is signed, then you receive the invoice.) 5. Pay your retainer and you will receive access to our systems. 6. Get started planning the wedding or event of your dreams!!!

Do you plan small weddings or elopements?

Fervent Designs plans weddings in ALL sizes, styles, and budgets. Due to COVID-19, we have created simple and affordable packages for Micro weddings (weddings with under 50 guests), elopments (weddings with only the couple), and virtual weddings (weddings that are live streamed). We can host weddings at your home, family estate, church, or the venue of your choice. Call now for more details.

Are you planning weddings and events during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Fervent Designs is operating during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are continuing working with our booked clients as usual. We are also accepting new clients for events from August 2020 to December 2021. To assist couples who have had to alter their plans, we have added Micro Wedding packages to our list of offerings.
In order to help slow the spread of COVID-19 and keep our team safe, we are conducting all of our meetings and consultations virtually from our in-home offices until further notice. If you are seeking to book an appointment, please complete the information
form at www.FerventDesigns.com/book-consultation.If you need to schedule a quick phone call, please book a "Discovery Call', and we will call you at the designated time. Emails will be responded to within 2 business days (Tuesday to Friday). Booked clients are asked to send all communications via our planning system
to ensure they are received, tracked, and actioned. Please note that Fervent Designs is abiding by all COVID-19 mandates in
regards to event planning and execution, and are asking our clients and
creative partners to do the same. Please stay safe.

What is a Micro Wedding?

A micro wedding is any ceremony and/or reception with less than 50 total guests. It has also been called a "Minimony" or an "Intimate Wedding. This can be done as a first wedding, combined with an elopement, streamed live, or done to celebrate an anniversary vow renewal. The event starts with a wedding ceremony, and can be followed by a smaller version of a typical wedding reception. The event can take place at your home, yard, family estate, beach, church, hall, destination, or the venue of your choice. The sky is the limit! Some couples like this approach because it is intimate, more low-key, and easier to pull off than the tradition wedding. Of course, many couples are choosing this route now that the COVID-19 pandemic has forced them to change their original wedding plans. Either way, Fervent Designs has many wedding planning options, including Mirco Weddings. Schedule your consultation today.

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